Overseeding is an essential maintenance practice meant to produce a beautifully lush lawn. It’s a common lawn care task to complete when your lawn turns thin, brown, and patchy. It typically entails spreading grass seed onto your current lawn to fill the gaps and bare spots in the sod. The benefits of overseeding are many. Apart from ensuring proper watering of your grass, creating the healthiest lawn can be achieved through overseeding. A dense yard of grass holds soil and water in their rightful place, reducing run-off and soil erosion. Your lawn’s health will improve due to the increase in moisture and nutrient retention.

Seeding over your present lawn will help fill in gaps when combined with proper watering. This will give your home the most robust green expanse you’ve ever had. Building a thicker lawn increases durability while simultaneously reducing hazards.

Maintaining a healthy lawn is the best way to minimize pests and disease attacks. Overseeding combined with habitual maintenance denies pests the chance to destroy your lawn. This landscaping practice will also reduce or eliminate the need to use fertilizers. When you desire a more beautiful yard, trust in AC Landscaping LLC to overseed your lawn.


We are certified by the Delaware Department of Agriculture for Pesticide application.