Mulch is a covering spread applied around plants to control weeds and hold moisture in the soil. The result creates an insulating layer between the soil and the sun or cold air. When mulch is used correctly it can make your garden easier to maintain, help protect vegetable crops and extend the length of your growing season. It is important to note that sometimes mulch is not advised. AC Landscaping LLC specializes in knowing when and where to apply mulch so that you can enjoy a beautiful and productive garden.

In addition to conserving soil moisture and blocking weed seeds from germinating, mulching normally improves the texture of your soil below and can even reduce the likelihood of disease. Some gardeners state that mulching can almost double the length of time between waterings.

Mulch is more than just a simple covering that makes garden beds more attractive. Mulch attracts beneficial earthworms, prevents the loss of topsoil to erosion, and improves soil fertility. Take advantage of this affordable addition to your landscape’s health by calling us today to set up a mulching!


We are certified by the Delaware Department of Agriculture for Pesticide application.