Examine the entire area available for your design, and then picture additions you might want such as a patio, walkways, a fire pit, or an outdoor kitchen. Then call on the best landscaping team around, AC Landscaping LLC, to help you with this process.

We will help map out the area, in order to properly plan the future landscape design. Our professional crew will ensure the hardscape design grades away from your home so that water will drain effectively without damage to your home.

You want your design to feel like it has a purpose, whether it's an outdoor dining spot, a fire pit or luxurious seating with a covered flat-screen TV. Selecting focal points is an important design strategy.

Curves are very appealing within your hardscape as they emit a more organic feel. Speaking of organic design, we will help select plants and shrubs that complement the hardscape design. Placing greenery along the edges allows your outdoor hardscaping to feel like a part of the environment.

AC Landscaping LLC can tackle sizable or complex designs including transforming the existing landscape such as creating a retaining wall for a hill. We will attempt to solve all your design ideas while remaining committed to building safely and in compliance with applicable codes.


We guarantee your EP Henry and Nicolock paver installation against any defect in our workmanship for 5 years.  While under warranty, AC Landscaping LLC will repair or replace any defect in our workmanship without charge to you.