Patio additions give a feeling of increased floor space for your home, and provide another space to enjoy the yard and entertain guests. Paver patios look amazing and it’s one of the easiest ways to add genuine value to your home. There are many configurations and styles of pavers available for customizing your patio. You can opt for a very regal appearance or a more simplistic pattern.

Paver surfaces support great amounts of weight without cracking and are less likely to become brittle over time. Unlike concrete slabs, pavers are flexible and are able to respond to any movement in the earth below.

Pavers offer ease of repair, so if you happen to crack one or spill oil on it, you can simply take out the damaged paver and place in a new piece. To preserve longevity it is important to get pavers installed correctly by a professional hardscaping team.


We guarantee your EP Henry and Nicolock paver installation against any defect in our workmanship for 5 years.  While under warranty, AC Landscaping LLC will repair or replace any defect in our workmanship without charge to you.