There are measurable benefits to having AC Landscaping LLC install lighting around your outdoor spaces. Firstly, LED technology has advanced and become more useful in recent years. LED light bulbs are longer-lasting and more dependable than the incandescent, halogen, and sodium lights found in other outdoor lighting fixtures. LED lights use less energy, last longer, and produce majestic results in outdoor settings.

We install LED lighting to residential or commercial lawns, walkways, and outdoor areas to increase safety and highlight design aspects.

Whether lighting a path or illuminating a deck or patio, LED lighting is the simple, clear choice. It can be used for subtle decorative lighting or more direct task lighting. Versatility is another benefit to LED lighting, we are efficient in the installation of many different forms of light fixture designs. Customized lighting used to be costly, but updates in LED technology puts more control in your hands and allows you to create a yard that shines, even in the dark.


We are certified by the Delaware Department of Agriculture for Pesticide application.