Sod is grass turf containing soil and grass roots but cut into smaller sections to be implanted into a landscape. There are several reasons to update your current lawn by starting fresh with clean, healthy sod. High traffic from children and pets can create bare spots.

If your lawn has bare spots, you can call upon us to mix healthy topsoil into the bare areas and lay down sod to help fill in your yard. Although, if your yard is patchy and has bare spots in mass, it's best to start fresh by tilling out the entire yard. When targeting and spraying weeds isn't enough to save your grass, it's time to consider replacing your entire lawn with fresh sod. Before placing your new sod, our team tills the area and removes all signs of weed growth, roots and seeds.

Unhealthy grass, no matter how much you water your grass, will produce dead or dying blades hidden underneath sometimes healthy looking green grass. One of the most frequent causes of poor grass health is soil conditions. It is beneficial to know that over-watering your yard is just as detrimental as being too dry. After installation, we will explain the best ways and times for you to water your lawn so your new sod remains full and rich.


We are certified by the Delaware Department of Agriculture for Pesticide application.